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Quotes Presenters gave practical information that was relevant, useful and easy to transition into my business. Quotes
-2013 Conference Attendee

Quotes It was helpful seeing how other organizations are using analytics to help make decisions and mitigate risks for the organizations. Quotes
-2013 Conference Attendee

Below you will find the available conference speaker presentations in downloadable Adobe PDF format. Only presentations that are released by speakers are listed.

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Presenter(s) Presentations
File Size
Monday, July 14
Peter Aiken, Ph. D.; Lewis Broome Implementing a Data-Centric Strategy & Roadmap for Healthcare Analytics – Focusing on What Really Matters
5.6 MB
Bryan Bennett Getting Started with Predictive Analytics
597 kb
Stanley Huff, M.D. The Analytics Driving Accountable Care
4.2 MB
Dr. Graham Hughes Five Analytic Imperatives for a Data-Fueled Healthcare Transformation
6.7 MB
Tuesday, July 15
Laura Argauer; John Gillespie, M.D. Using Transformational Data Analytics to Improve Care Valuation, Management and Outcomes of Chronic Kidney Disease Patients
884 kb
Kristen Byers; John Stassi Delivering Value to the Business Faster with Data Warehouse Automation
1.0 MB
April Chester, MSA, MSW Fundamentals of Data Preparation in Healthcare Analytics
2.4 MB
Michael Hunt, M.D. Individuals and Populations: How Analytics Can Meet the Needs of Both
4.2 MB
Brian Jacobs, M.D. Geospatial Data for Disease Management
1.7 MB
Charles D. Kennedy, M.D. Bridging the Gap Between Providers and Payers
1.6 MB
Charles Macias, M.D., M.P.H. The Fundamentals of Evidence-Based Care
3.2 MB
Linda McCann Unraveling Siloes to Build a ‘Healthy’ Data Foundation
3.1 MB
Gabriela Ramirez, Ph.D., M.P.H. Rearranging a Data Infrastructure to Reduce Readmissions
1.5 MB
Kevin Rhodes Applying Population Analytics to Bridge the Gap
1.1 MB
Deborah Schramko, CPMSM How a Rural Hospital Slashes Telemetry Costs
1.2 MB
Wednesday, July 16
Jason Burke Creating the Competencies for Sustainable Innovation
4.0 MB
Joe Kimura Assembling a Healthcare Analytics Team for Accountable Care
580 kb
Joe Van De Graff Healthcare Analytics & The California Gold Rush: Finding & Sorting Out The Gold
2.4 MB