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Below you will find the available conference speaker presentations in downloadable Adobe PDF format. Only presentations that are released by speakers are listed.

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Presenter(s) Presentations
File Size
Monday, July 15
Peter Aiken, PhD. Healthcare Analytics 101 Workshop: Necessary Pre-requisites
5.35 MB
Shawn P. Griffin, M.D. The Evolving Analytics Market: Trends, Insights and Experiences
404 KB
Joe Van De Graaff The Evolving Analytics Market: Trends, Insights and Experiences
972 KB
Tuesday, July 16
Anna Daly, Victoria Weaver Learning what you don't know about your Clinical Data using Real-time Analytics
1.46 MB
John Hendricks Deciding Factors: Build verus Buy
412 KB
Shawn P. Griffin, M.D. The Data Analytics for Accountable Care
1.13 MB
John Hendricks, Betsy McVay Creating and Demonstrating Value with Analytics
872 KB
Monica Horvath, PhD. Case Study: Development of an Analytics Strategy to Measure Returns on Health upon Deployment of an Enterprise Electronic Health Record
1.95 MB
Alan Krumholz MD, FAAP, DFACMQ Developing a Governance System to Support Care Coordination and Improved Performance Across Health Systems
967 KB
John McDaniel Applying Downstream Analytics in a Big Data Environment
710 KB
Charlton Park, Ming Tu Analytics Tools to Determine Healthcare Delivery Costs and Value Driven Outcomes
1.67 MB
Louis F. Rossiter, PhD Value-Based Structural Change: Analyzing ICD-10 Impacts
682 KB
Dennis Sweeney Successes and Challenges Developing an Enterprise Clinical Analytics Solution - Ambulatory Information Management (AIM)
1.11 MB
Wednesday, July 17
Hazel Boyd, MBA Case Study: Data-Driven Decision Making with Surgical Analytics
419 KB
Jason Haupt, PhD. Predictive Analytics in Action: Tackling Readmissions
985 KB
Ari Robicsek Healthcare Analytics in Epidemiology and Infection Control
985 KB
Justin Pestrue, MA. Using Predictive Analytics to Maximize HCAHPS Results
912 KB