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Letter from Conference Chair & Host

Analyzing the Real World

A recent report by research firm IDC Health Insights tagged analytics as the No. 1 technology priority for organizations engaging in accountable care, which is basically every organization in health care in some form or fashion. As luck would have it, the focus of our July analytics show is squarely focused on how analytics will support—or in many cases, to fundamentally create—value-based health care systems.

During the initial planning for the inaugural show last year, we decided to focus on a gap in the market: While analytics was becoming a must-have capability for hospitals, group practices and payers, there were no live events focused on the real-world experiences of implementing analytics technologies and programs, and trying to make sense of the output. The 20,000-foot view doesn't really help health I.T. leaders build new intelligence into their operations, especially when the ground is shifting under their feet.

So we wanted to pluck the discussions out of the realm of the theoretical and bring them into the world of the practical.

This year we continue to focus on the real world. We have an analytics workshop to kick off the event to ensure everyone’s speaking the same language, and then we get deep into the implementations and results from providers focusing on accountable care, Big Data, ICD-10, population health, hospital readmissions, hospital-associated infections, surgical analytics, measuring the ROI of electronic records and a slew of other urgent clinical and financial issues. We're running Clinical and Operational tracks to ensure attendees have opportunities to get ideas about how to incorporate analytics across their enterprise.

What's fascinating about analytics is that it truly is a new frontier and our speakers and the organizations they represent--be it Stanford or Mayo Clinic or Akron General Health System--face the same decision points and struggle with similar issues, most notably data governance and quality, no matter what their resources.

Every session at our conference is based on real-life experiences about making design, implementation and governance decisions to produce data that drive critical short-term and long-term decisions. I urge you to join us in Chicago this summer to hear about what works and what doesn't in the real world.


Greg Gillespie
Conference Host
Linda Kloss

Conference Chair